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Estudio Bíblico

AM ofrece varios programas de estudio bíblico que nutren nuestra vida espiritual y nuestra relación con nuestro Señor.

Our 5 -Phase Bible Study guides each person to mature in faith and truth so that everyone can be equipped to serve Jesus and His Kingdom. 

Únase a nuestro programa en varios momentos a lo largo del día. Una vez que se registre para su horario preferido, el guía se comunicará con usted con más información. 

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5-Phase Bible Study

Phase 1 Sola Fide
Contents: Based on the Book of Romans Chapters 1 - 8
Theme: Basic Understanding on the Doctrine of Salvation
Description: "Sola Fide" covers Romans chapters 1-8, which emphasizes our personal salvation through Jesus Christ. The objective of this course is to help students to understand why we need Jesus and receive Him or reaffirm Him as our Savior and Lord.

Phase 2 Bible Core
Contents: Genesis, Romans and Gospel Books
Theme: Four major topics of the Bible
Description: "Bible Core" teaches the four main themes of the Bible. These include Creation, The Fall, Salvation through Jesus Christ, and the Kingdom of God. The course gives a general overview on the structure and key narrative of the Bible

Phase 3-(1) Genesis
Contents: Ancestors of Faith in the Book of Genesis
Theme: Faith revealed by forefathers of Israel
Description: The stories of paths that ancestors of faith took in Genesis make it hard to pause reading. They are full of living experiences, touching joy, expectations, disappointments, mistakes, redeeming God's work and turning points, God's profound forgiveness, His unfathomable wisdom, and many others. The whole book of Genesis concludes with "Forgiveness of Joseph." We make millions of mistakes and jumble into dark pits. God cleans up and restores everything in His faithful love and still fulfills His plan. Genesis stories give us a recap of how God ultimately redeems humankind from their sin. 

Phase 3-(2) Basics of Christian Life
Contents: The Book of Exodus
Theme: Spiritual principles of life of Christians
Description: "Basics of Christian Life" goes into the Old Testament Book of Exodus. The messages feature very applicable points of Christian lifestyle and fundamentals of faith that we should maintain in our life as followers of Christ.

Phase 4 Only Jesus
Contents: The Gospel Books
Theme: Focusing Jesus to know God
Description: Our faith as Christians begins with knowing Jesus and accepting Him as a savior. Our history will have a conclusive point of cosmic redemption and the final Judgment through Jesus. Jesus is the centerpiece of our entire faith. And we can finally know him when we understand his life and ministry. God has granted priceless gifts to those who want to find and meet Jesus. These are four Gospel Books: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Let's not miss this excellent opportunity to know our Lord Jesus and meet him profoundly through AM Phase 4 Course "Only Jesus." 

Phase 5 - Discipleship Track
Contents: The Gospel Books
Theme: History of God and Practical Aspects of Christian Life
Description: The Discipleship Track features a collection of Gospel messages focused on understanding the call to follow Jesus and live as a true disciple of the Lord. Students will study the life of Jesus and engage in in-depth Application and Action discussions to apply in their lives.
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