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AM Launches New Administrative Office in Los Angeles, Inauguration Service Offered

AM International global network leaders and headquarter staff offered a work inauguration service to the Lord on August 3, 2020 at the new mission center in LA city. The new office is located in the downtown Los Angeles area and will be used as an administrative office for missions in LA.

The sermon was delivered from Acts 18:24-28 with the title “They Explained the Way of God More Accurately.” The message highlighted Apollos, who is known as a powerful and well-known Early Church leader. His influence and respect was at the level of Apostle Paul and Apostle Peter, two very great leaders of the Early Church. However, his limit was discovered to lead Aquilas and Priscilla to teach an eminent teacher “more accurately.” The bible records that he only knew the baptism of John and needed to be taught more deeply and completely to be reborn as a person who can guide people for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The sermon encouraged that AM teachers and staff become ready to teach and guide many to the level of truth where they can fully experience the power of the Spirit and life of Christ’s love. Many remain at the level of repentance without true conversion of their actions and practices. Love is not expressed by philosophic discourses but sincere actions of love.

Apostolos Missions in Los Angeles aims to build a stronger foundation for a greater mission revival in the West Coast. Prayer is to facilitate diverse means of training new Bible teachers and student leaders as a cornerstone to multiply.

Every attendee received great grace and had a joyful heart towards the expansion of AM in Los Angeles. May God continue to use this space previously for the glory of God.

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